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Civil CAD Softwares (Individual Courses)

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Auto CAD

AutoCAD Training Institute in Pune


  • Introduction to AutoCAD, AutoCAD GUI, Units, Line, Co ordinate System, Limits, DYN
  • Pan/zoom, Circle, polyline, Erase, Move, Copy, Rotate, Trim, Extend, Offset
  • Rectangle, Polygon, Drafting Setting (F1-F9), Scale, Mirror
  • Ellipse, Arc, Fillet, Chamfer, Streach, Explode, Break, Join
  • Spline, Ray, Construction Line, Align, Lenthen,
  • Properties, Match Propeties, Selection Methods, Array, Revcloude
  • Dimension & Dimension Style
  • Multileader & Multileader Style
  • Layer, Manage Layer States, Text, Mtext, Text Style
  • Hatch, Gradient Hatch Setting
  • Isometric Drawing, Isometric Dimension
  • Table, Table Style, Make Block, Insert Block, Write Block
  • Dyanamic Block
  • Geometric Constraint Tab, Prespective Drawing (One Point & two Point)
  • Layout, Viewport, Create Title Block, Page Setup Manager, Plotting & Printing
  • Convert DWG to PDF file
  • Project


  • Basic 3d Geometry, Extrude, Presspull
  • Sweep, Revolve, Loft
  • Visual Stlye, Polysolid
  • 3d Move, Copy, Rotate with Gizmo, Unioin, Subtract, Inertsect
  • Edge Editing Tools
  • Face Editing Tools
  • Project


  • 1 Month Duration
  • Certification

  • Venus Technology Certification
  • Placement

  • 100 % JOB Assistance