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Catia V5

  • Introduction to CAD/CAM/CAE, product Development process
  • Catia history, modules, catia startup process


  • Standard, view, profile toolbar
  • Continue profile toolbar, operations toolbar modification & manipulation commands
  • Constraints toolbar- constraint defined dialog box, constraint. (sketch tools, visualization)
  • Continue constraints toolbar- animate/edit/auto constraint, visualization toolbar


Introduction, sketch based features- pad/pocket

  • Shaft/groove, hole
  • Rib/slot, reference elements
  • Stiffener, solid combine, project 3d elements in sketcher
  • Dress up features- fillet, chamfer
  • Shell, thickness, tap,
  • Draft, measure and apply material
  • Transformation features- mirror, translate, pattern etc
  • Multi-section solid/remove, Boolean operations (rendering)


Introduction, difference between top down/ bottom up

  • Product structure tools- existing component existing component with position
  • Move- manipulation, use of compass
  • Constraint- coincidence, fix, naming, numbering, coloring part
  • Move- snap/smart move
  • Product structure tools- existing component with positioning
  • Constraints- (coincident, contact, fix, offset, angle, fix together, quick constraint, change constraint)
  • Replace component, generate numbering, define & fast multi instantiation, reuse pattern
  • Move- explode, stop manipulation on clash, catalog browser


Introduction, difference between part & surface design

  • Surfaces- (extrude, revolve, spear, cylinder, fill, offset, multi-section surface ,blend)
  • Operation- Join, Disassemble, split, trim, boundary extract, Extract (transformation feature)
  • Wireframe- project, inter-section, circle, corner, connect curve
  • Wireframe- spine, helix
  • Operations- healing, untrim
  • file extensions, dumb solid to parametric modeling
  • Operations- extrapolate,
  • Surfaces- sweep (explicit profile)
  • Surfaces- sweep (line profile)
  • Surfaces- sweep (circle profile)
  • GSD- surface fillet, geometrical / ordered geometrical set


  • Drafting- introduction, diff between sketcher & drafting, interactive / generative
  • View – front view, projection, auxiliary, advanced front view
  • View- sectional, detail, breaking views
  • Dimensions, text properties, dimensions properties
  • New sheet, detail sheet, title frame block, automatic dimensioning, balloon generation, BOM generation
  • Dress up, annotations toolbars ( GD&T application)
  • Assembly Drafting- Exploded view, section views , BOM generation, Generate numbering


  • Introduction – sheet metal basic , walls tool Defining parameter of sheet
  • Walls tool- wall, wall on edge, extrusion, Flanges (swept walls)
  • Recognize (wall), Bending toolbar-(bend, conical bend, bend from flate , fold&unfold
  • Cutting & Stamping tools-(Cut-out, hole , circular cutout, corner relief , corner, chamfer )
  • Rolled Walls tool- ( hoper ,Rolled wall), View tools-( fold & unfold)
  • Cutting &Stamping tools- (surface stamp, bead, curve stamp, flanged cutout , louver ,bridge , flanged hole ,circular stamp, stiffening rib, dowel, user stamp,)


Press tool Design
  • Introduction of Press and Press Tools.
  • Types of Press Tools
  • Design of Press Tools
  • Blanking & Pierce Die
  • Form & Flange Die
  • Draw Die
  • Trim Die
  • Cam Die
  • Material Selection as per Operation
  • Heat Treatment
  • Tonnage Calculation / Press Selection
  • Tool Cost
  • Method Plan Preparation
  • Check-List for design


  • 1 Year Program (8 Month classroom & 4 Months On Job Training) + 2 Month Stipend + Experience letter of Venus Technology
  • Certification

  • Venus Certification
  • Placement

  • 100 % JOB Assistance