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Civil CAD Softwares (Individual Courses)

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Revit Architecture

AutoCAD Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune


Topic to be covered

  • Introduction

Building Information Modeling

  • Exploring User Interface, Building Elements
  • Project Units, Visual Styles
  • Creating Levels & Level family

Draw Walls

  • Location Line, Draw wall Shapes
  • Drawing a plan as per Dimension
  • Creating Wall Structure
  • Modify Wall - Split Region, Sweeps and Reveals
  • Wall Shapes and Openings

Draw Windows & Doors

  • Create Floor & Floor Properties, Slab Edges
  • Place Components - Furniture


  • Roof by Footprint, Roof by Extrusion
  • Join/Un join Roof
  • Roof Soffit, Roof Fascia, Roof Gutter
  • Create - Stacked Wall

Modify Tools

  • Move, Copy, Paste, Rotate, Mirror, Array
  • Scale, Split Element, Trim, Align, Offset, Delete
  • Match Type, Tape Measure
  • Creating Curtain Wall, Curtain Grid, Mullions
  • Adding Curtain Door Panel
  • Embedded Walls
  • Dimensions, Temporary Dimensions, Permanent Dimension
  • Creating Ceiling
  • Opening - wall, Face and Vertical opening, Shaft Dormer
  • Elevation view, Section View, 3D views
  • Area, Color Schemes, Keynotes
  • Dimensions - Linear, Aligned, Angular, Radius etc…
  • Text, Model Text, Tag, Callout Views, Drafting View


  • Creating Stairs, Creating Stair by sketching Runs
  • Creating Stair by sketching Boundary and Riser
  • Spiral Staircase, Stair Nosing, Custom Balusters
  • Ramp, Railings and Rail Family,
  • Modifying Rail Structure


  • Create Mass Family using Forms
  • Extrusion, Loft, Swept Blend, Sweep,
  • Creating Building Elements from Mass Instance
  • Mass Floors, Creating Wall, Floors, Roof & Curtain System
  • Site Design – Topu surface, Sub region, Split Surface
  • Building Pad, Graded Region, Parking Components, Contour line Labels
  • Schedule / Quantities
  • Material Take Off

Structural Medelling

  • Structural Column, Beam, Brace, Trusses
  • Structural Walls, Foundations, Structural Floor


  • Title Blocks, Adding Views on Sheet, Print Setup
  • Lights - Adding Lighting Fixtures

  • Solar Studies, Sun setting
  • Camera and Walkthrough
  • Exporting Walkthrough
  • Rendering
  • Create realistic images for exterior and interior view
  • Export walkthrough in .avi format

Design Options

  • Export to CAD format

Family Creation

  • Introduction, Creating 2D door Family, Creating the Door panel Solid geometry
  • Window Family creation, Creating the Sliding Window
  • Creating Furniture Family


  • 2 Months (120 Hours) Duration
  • Certification

  • Venus Technology Certification
  • Placement

  • 100 % JOB Assistance